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Shoking newsA two-storied chapel, located at the center of Kherson, Ukraine, was demolished under the direction of an unknown authority. The chapel has been shared by the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC) and the German Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ukraine (NELTSU).


As stated by the dean of the UGCC in the Kherson deanery father Stepan Makar, two-storied temple, and consecrated cross had been destroyed by workers of the construction company «Parnassus».

According to the priest, the representative of this company led the workers «with a smile on his lips», and showed his cynical attitude towards what is happening. «With no permits, builders vandalized Christian shrine, and at the place of the temple dug a deep pit», - reported father Stepan.

According to the Greek-Catholic pastor, the reason for the seizure of land served as its convenient location. «In the center of the city land is very expensive, and someone wants to cash in on it», - noted father Stepan Makar.

«We will bring suit in court for termination of any action to clarify the circumstances. Then we will defend the chapel according to the documents», said the priest. «There are no documents, which might allow the demolition... We have sent an application to the prosecutor. We will meet with representatives of the city’s authorities.»


In 2003, Kherson city government has allocated for the German Lutheran community 0.15 hectare of land on which the Protestant community designed and built the chapel and the house for presbyter.

Because of fraternal cooperation between the UGCC and NELTSU, in 2009 a strategy for joint service to the faithful of both churches in the city of Kherson was developed, and at May 3, 2009 Odessa-Crimean Exarch Vasil (Ivasyuk) consecrated a chapel in honor of «The transfer of the relics of St. Nicholas of Myra» and a cross on the spot on which it is planned to build a temple in honor of the Protection of the Blessed Virgin. 


0 #3 Fr. Chris 22.09.2009 17:20
And pictured after the demolition?
0 #2 Administrator 27.08.2009 02:58
Цитирую Fr. Chris:
Can you send us more info about this act and also a picture of the Chapel?

Pictures of the demolished chapel you can find in the Gallery.
0 #1 Fr. Chris 26.08.2009 23:48
Can you send us more info about this act and also a picture of the Chapel?